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STT Kolkata DC 1

Kolkata is one of the largest commercial cities in the country. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River, Kolkata truly holds the essence of both tradition and technology.

STT GDC India’s state-of-the-art Data Centre – STT Kolkata DC 1 ensures the highest levels of reliability, security, and connectivity for your IT infrastructure. Our data centre in Kolkata is both scalable and future-proof. Located in VSB Ultadanga, with over 20,000 sqft of area, STT Kolkata DC1 is the only enterprise-grade data centre in Kolkata, catering to the needs of a wide range of businesses.

STT Kolkata DC 1, our NextGen data centre in Kolkata, delivers unparalleled performance to businesses, backed with improved connectivity and reliability. Our multi-layered network infrastructure, hardware and software firewalls, surveillance systems, and seamless integration enables organizations to accelerate their competitive advantage. STT Kolkata DC1 offers integrated end-to-end solutions with our comprehensive range of services, delivered over an innovative data network infrastructure.

Our extensive expertise in Data Centre Management operations allows us to help you offload the most demanding functions. STT GDC India’s innovative data centre design in Kolkata is well suited to be your business’s primary Data Centre, offering round-the-clock support. Our data centre design in Kolkata is strategically located, providing highly redundant power to meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards.

STT Kolkata DC 1 has been designed as a highly resilient and secure facility boasting highest standards of structural and technical data centre design specifications.

STT Kolkata DC 1 Factsheet

Floor Plates

User friendly large floor plates with minimum columns

Floor to

Ceiling Height

High floor to ceiling height to accommodate tall racks


Tier 3 Design

Tier 3 Design, Construction and Operations Compliant



2 diverse and redundant 11kV utility power supplies



Carrier-neutral and network dense facility

Data Centre


Stringent and global standards of security and access control

Operational Since

48,000 Sq.ft
Data Centre Size

1.6 MW (scalable up to 2.5 MW)
IT Power

Tier 3 Data Centre
Multi Layer Security & Guaranteed Uptime

It’s nothing short of a fortress

Multilayer security through a combination of secure access and 24*7 surveillance

Campus Level Security
  • Entry to the premise through authorized gates with 24x7 manned security and CCTV surveillance
  • Boom barriers to control entry of vehicles into the facility
  • Separate security mechanisms for men, material and vehicular movement
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DC Site Perimeter Level Security
  • CCTV monitoring and barbed fence across perimeter
  • Regular manned security patrolling
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Reception Level Security
  • 24X7 manned reception
  • Access controlled entry to the DC building
  • X-ray baggage scanning for material inspection
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Floor Level Security
  • Mantrap / turnstile deployment to avoid tail-gating
  • 24x7 manned security
  • CCTV coverage at entry/exit points
  • CCTV footage retention for 30 days
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Kolkata DC 1
Network Connectivity

STT Kolkata DC 1 in VSB Ultadanga is the only enterprise grade data centre in the city, catering to wide range of business enterprises. The data centre is both scalable and resilient to demand, while resources can be adjusted as per requirement. We take pride in being a carrier neutral colocation service provider and network dense facility.

Our facility in Kolkata will bring to market the latest advancements in data centre design, enabling our customers' IT strategies.

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