14 July


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The Indian economy is growing strongly and remains a bright spot in the global landscape. This growth is built on strong fundamentals driven by digitization, connectivity, cash- and paper-less economy, and a start-up innovation ecosystem. High mobile penetration and rising tech adoption are further propelling our economic progress.

There is a fundamental shift in the way end users perceive and consume data, and this has been a game-changing moment for stakeholders across the IT infrastructure ecosystem, yielding long-term benefits. With an ever-growing and always connected population, there is a surge in data being generated and as a result, industry reports have indicated India's digital data consumption is expected to grow nearly twice as fast that of the rest of the world. This data needs to be stored, managed and disseminated to users ubiquitously through public and private clouds and is driving the strong demand for efficient, reliable and scalable data centres across the country.

Because of digitization, the data centre business has been witnessing high growth and will continue to do so. Cloud computing is the most disruptive force in the digital age, impacting IT strategy and expenditure, and adopting a cloud-first strategy has now become a business imperative. Rapidly growing cloud service providers will work closely with their trusted carrier-neutral data centre partners, to plan for their requirements including adjusting designs, up-sizing powered shells, and planning expansion of campuses.

Favorable environment

The Indian data centre market is currently underserved, and there is an ever-increasing requirement for energy-efficient facilities. Existing data centres need to be enhanced to meet the developing requirements. As the fastest-growing infrastructure market that is poised to be one of the largest globally within the next few years, we anticipate strong demand for data centres across India.

India's macro environment is highly favorable and our teledensity is the highest in the world, with data growth nearly twice the global average. Rapid adoption of smartphones, increasing access to high speed data services and digitization in the content and media industries are leading to strong demands for web hosting in the consumer market. In the enterprise market, increasing transformation to digital and e-business are pushing enterprises to migrate from captive to third party data centre service providers. As a result of this, we are seeing an increase in data centre traffic. Read more

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