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At STT GDC India we not only recognize but also value the strategic importance of building business practices that result in sustainable bottom lines, sustainable economies, environments and societies. The focus areas to bring about a positive social change by measures to empower socially and economically backward groups, by improving access to education (digital literacy), focusing on skill development, creation of employment opportunities & entrepreneurship, promoting environmental and ecological sustainability and caring for the elderly.

You may read our complete CSR Policy here and about our CSR Projects here.

Causes We Care About

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Livelihoods Enhancement & Income Generation

Implementation agency
Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives, an initiative of Tata Trusts

Dahod District, Gujarat

STT GDC India, in partnership with Tata Trusts (a pioneer of philanthropy in India), became a part of their Lakhpati Kisan objective A rural development project in the areas of livelihoods enhancement & income generation to improve the lives of the vulnerable members of communities.

With an emphasis on promotion of agriculture development, high-value cropping, trellis intervention, training and knowledge extension activities, technology intervention, water resource development, livestock development, etc. and create sustainable and socio-economic development.

With initiatives like this, STT GDC India aims to establish sustainable social goals and income generation in the lives of rural farmers in neglected areas. We believe that every penny earned by us has seen a share of it contributed towards a larger cause – one that builds a more integrated and sustainable society.

Raising The Bar To Empower and Upskill Industry Talent

Implementation agency : Don Bosco Tech

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Our partnership initiative for ‘Infrastructure Management Services’ helps promote training programs that enable students to become self-reliant by developing the right skillsets for both personal development and the opportunity to land their desired jobs.

With our initiative, we aim to not only address the unique educational gaps, but also prepare the youth to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry, thus enabling them to be better equipped for their future. Our unique corporate citizenship initiative focuses on enabling students to build essential skills needed to make a career in the data centre industry, as well as provide help for their overall development with life skills coaching.

Supporting & Empowering To Bridge Industry Skill Gaps

Implementation agency : India Cares Fund

Bengaluru, Karnataka

STT GDC India’s skill development initiative is being carried out as a tie-up with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF). This initiative has been launched to address the gaps between employment opportunities and industry-specific skillsets with a curriculum highlighting critical technical aspects to bridge the gap.

With this initiative, we focus on bringing about positive change and bridging the gap between the demand and supply of skilled workers in the Data Centre industry while also contributing to the socio-economic growth aspired by our country.

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