STT GDC India's robust and secure infra adds thrust to Extreme-IX’s growth agenda
Extreme IX is a carrier neutral, data centre neutral internet exchange point for Indian ISPs, local and international content providers, with nearly 200 leading ISPs as its customers. Currently, it is live and operational in five cities and aims to expand across 10 to 15 cities in 2019.

Extreme-IX was on the lookout for carrier neutral, scalable and secure infrastructure. With plans to grow across cities in 2019, the largest internet exchange in India partnered with STT GDC India with a win-win strategy in place.

100% uptime, extreme security
Extreme-IX's challenge lay in choosing the right service provider that could ease its concerns around security and power availability. While evaluating colocation players, Extreme-IX was primarily looking for carrier neutral facilities, Rated-3 infrastructure and a partner that would address its infrastructure scalability requirements.
A professional datacentre service provider
Extreme-IX has deployed its IT infrastructure at STT GDC India's facilities in Delhi (STT Delhi DC 2 and STT Delhi DC 3), Hyderabad (STT Hyderabad DC 1), Mumbai (STT Mumbai DC 1), Chennai (STT Chennai DC 1) and Kolkata (STT Kolkata DC1).
High uptime, no capex, optimized costs
STT GDC India was the perfect match for Extreme IX's requirements on infrastructure scalability, power efficiency, security, carrier neutrality. Another key factor that makes STT GDC India stand apart from the crowd of data centre players is the fact that their DCs are strategically located across India.