SBICAP Securities achieves secure, scalable infrastructure with STT GDC India Data Centres
With STT GDC India’s datacentre, broking firm SBICAP Securities has ensured a 100 percent uptime along with a secure and scalable option to store critical data.

Availing services from a professional data centre service provider like STT GDC India provide organizations like SBICAP Securities with high uptime for their critical IT infrastructure. Leaving the task of managing the critical infrastructure to the experts allowed the customers to focus on their core businesses.

100% uptime, extreme security
SBICAP Securities serves a wide spectrum of clients including banks, financial institutions, FIIs, corporates, HNIs, NRIs and retail domestic investors. The daily trade volume is critical; and they wanted a secure way to store critical data, with high availability and no downtime.
A professional datacentre service provider
SBICAP Securities opted to use professional services from a data centre service provider STT GDC India. Strategically, they put up the primary site in STT Mumbai DC 3, and disaster recovery site in STT Hyderabad DC 1.
High uptime, no capex, optimized costs
SBICAP Securities gained high uptime for their critical IT infrastructure. Leaving the infrastructure management to the experts, they could focus on their core businesses. They could scale the storage infrastructure as per business needs, purely on opex model.
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