Rediff's association with STT GDC India helped them to cross-connect with various service providers
Rediff is known as a consumer internet company in India with flagship services like advertising, emails and news. Fast-page loads and immediate access are the most important factors for Rediff for an effective consumer reach.

Being a consumer internet brand, Rediff was looking for a DC partner which can provide ability to cross-connect with Telcos, ISPs, Exchanges and other service providers. Here is how STT GDC India helped Rediff to do these cross-connect and ensure their growth.

100% uptime, extreme security
India being a country with ‘n’ number of Telcos and ISPs, Rediff have to make sure that they are connected to all of these along with fast-page loads and immediate access to their customers.
A professional datacentre service provider
Rediff have been associated with STT GDC India for a long time. Being a carrier neutral DC, STT GDC India provides the freedom to partner with any network and ensure lowest latencies to reach other geographies.
High uptime, no capex, optimized costs
STT GDC India helped Rediff to do these cross-connect and ensured its growth by providing the right infrastructure, and matching power and rackspace needs.
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