Capacity building and availability makes STT GDC India a partner of choice for HDFC Limited
Case Study
Founded in 1977 as the country’s first specialised mortgage company, HDFC Ltd forayed into the mutual funds and insurance space in the year 2000.

Given the criticality of a customer-facing website, HDFC Limited was looking for a robust, dependable, and high-capacity infrastructure which translated into a TIA 942 Rated-3 Data Centre to keep its customer-facing Website up and running at all times.
Here’s how STT GDC India made the cut with an on-schedule deployment and proactive updates.

100% uptime, extreme security
HDFC Limited was looking for a reliable Data Centre company to keep its Customer-facing Website up & running. Capacity and availability were the two key criteria they were looking for, in addition to the reputation of the company they would partner with.
A professional datacentre service provider
STT GDC India's Rated-3 Data Centre offered everything HDFC Limited was looking for. With a TIA-942 Rated-3 certification, it offered a high level of security, integrity, redundancy and a 99.982% availability. This is precisely what was needed to keep their website up and running, at all times.
High uptime, no capex, optimized costs
The best part about partnering with STT GDC India, was the availability, on-schedule deployment, and the proactive updates being given. Moreover, with HDFC already utilising 33 racks, across the country, this project strengthens the bond and paves the way for a long-standing partnership.
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