STT GDC India enables ACL Mobile to deliver high performance
Case Study
ACL Mobile is a leading provider of communications platform to businesses, enabling leading enterprises to engage with customers over multiple communication channels.

Since ACL Mobile uses technology as a differentiator to stay ahead in the game, it was critical for them to find a highly reliable partner for end-to-end Data Centre solutions. Here's how STT GDC India made the cut.

100% uptime, extreme security
ACL Mobile boasts of the lowest latency, enabling large enterprises to engage with customers over multiple channels. Communicating with customers, partners and other stakeholders is often business-critical and time-sensitive.
Hence, ACL Mobile was looking for a reliable partner to power its growing business.
A professional datacentre service provider
STT GDC India provided infrastructure provisioning along with necessary power and cooling to run the Data Centre allowing ACL Mobile to focus on innovation – key to their winning strategy. With the Data Centres following global best practices, ACL Mobile was able to meet compliance and regulatory requirements of its clients.
High uptime, no capex, optimized costs
Using STT GDC India’s colocation facilities in Delhi and Mumbai, ACL Mobile was able to get a custom solution along with a robust infrastructure, enabling them to become a leader in their business segment.
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