19 May

Meeting the Most Stringent SLAs in Data Center Requisites

Building a Sustainable Data Center

In Data centers, a lot of internal parameters are accountable for a business’ functioning. The present IT workload will need more than just a data center provider. Upon mentioning Data Center, one might imagine servers, storage, network and millions of bytes of data. Seldom the discussion is about what holds the data together and keeps the light up and running. STT Global Data Centres India (STT GDC India) is one of India’s leading data center operators, trusted with the mission- critical architectures of some of the top companies offering cloud, social media, OTT and financial services. With over 33 percent revenue market share, the company manages the largest Pan-India datacentre floor area and IT load delivering more than 85 MW of IT load via 15 carrier neutral facilities.

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Players playing footbal in FIFA World Cup
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Players playing footbal in FIFA World Cup
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