07 March

Data Centres are the bedrock of Digital Transformation

Sumit Mukhija in a panel discussion

The value additions technology brings to traditional business models

Adoption of newer technologies has made business more efficient and effective. Transformative technologies like AI and IoT that run on the cloud are taking the friction out of product development, simultaneously multiplying customer options while bolstering competitive advantage.

New age technologies have spawned business models that allow business to add new development capabilities without adding staff while using sophisticated technologies affordably. IoT has made customization and personalization possible to a level that was unthought of a generation ago, where business can get insights from people, places and things.

Unlike passive machines that are capable only predetermined responses, AI technology combine’s data information from a variety of different sources, analyse the material instantly, and act on the insights derived from those data. AI is enabling emerging technologies like autonomous driving, where leading car manufactures are partnering with technology companies to produce self-driving cars that can think of negotiating driving conditions just like a real human driver would, allowing for significant economic, environmental, and quality-of-life benefits.

All the data is generated, stored, managed and consumed and needs to be disseminated through public and private clouds, thus making data centres the bedrock of digital transformation.

Benefits for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation leverages social, mobility, analytics and cloud to transform user experience, be it a citizen, a consumer or a business user. The opportunities are endless.

As a business, we ourselves have a digital first strategy whether it is our IT systems which are on hybrid cloud to the productivity suites which are completely on public cloud to our customer connect and market outreach which are underpinned by SaaS and social media.

As a service provider, we are in a very unique position wherein we are enabling this transition to digital through our ecosystem of partners including our cloud and internet services players systems integrators and other over the top services providers who leverage our datacentres to provide the digital transformation services to enterprise customers who in turn get the best of both physical and cloud worlds through hybrid deployment.

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