21 June

Building a Sustainable Data Centre

Building a Sustainable Data Center

With the massive wave of digitization, terabytes of data are generated every day and this data has to be stored, managed and consumed. With data centres becoming the bedrock of the digital revolution, it is estimated that the data centre sector could be using 20 percent of all available electricity in the world by 2025. Modern-day data centres need to create a sustainable future for the internet and the growing sector of government, companies, and people. If a data centre does not focus on sustainable growth and progression, it may prevent potential customers from taking space.

STT GDC India is a technology-driven company, perpetually in the process of bringing new changes in its existing and newer facilities, motivated both by internal and external factors. Today, more than 34 percent of their overall power consumption is coming from renewable sources. From in-house solar captive power generation systems to Li-Ion batteries for UPS system, from well-designed airflow management systems to rainwater harvesting, STT GDC India are making a huge difference and demonstrating how green business is good business.

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