30 August


Small businesses often find themselves too bootstrapped to invest in sizeable infrastructure. Many lack the space, capital and operational expertise to establish and manage an ecosystem that can help them scale their business. Over the past few years, however, the technological roadmap for small and medium businesses has undergone a vast transformation. Unlike earlier, where IT capabilities rested on financial heft, today’s technology landscape is well-tailored to small businesses. With a medley of services on offer, colocation remains the bellwether of data centre services for emerging enterprises.

Understanding Colocation

Data Centre colocation is an arrangement where a data centre facility leases space to a business that, in turn, provides servers and storage. The colocation repertoire also typically includes other basic services like cooling, building, bandwidth, electricity and security. Colocation proves economical, practical and viable for small companies because it marries managerial freedom and economies of scale, while also providing expert guidance. As small and medium-sized companies straddle the gulf between dilettante operations and big-league management, Data Centre colocation seeks to be the bridge. Here are five of its key advantages.

Cloud Expansion

Cloud has never conventionally been considered a budget deal, much less so for companies with enormous data volumes. Astronomical cloud bills have historically been foregone for amateur in-house data storage by small organisations. Colocation, however, presents a different side of the coin: affordable, scalable cloud storage. By building scalability into their data centre economy, forward-looking data centres are able to provide tailor-made infrastructure for ballooning computing, storage and network requirements. The impetus for scalable cloud services lies in the boom of IoT, over-the-top media, social media and global digital transformation. A business’s data centre environment influences its ability to grow in tune with changing data requirements.

With Data Centre colocation service providers channeling millions of investment dollars into upgrading data centre facilities, consolidating data centre space and augmenting infrastructure, colocation offers superior, scalable cloud services that leverage economies of scale.

Economies of Scale

Self-hosted infrastructure entails a battery of overheads, lending to a bill that can cripple small enterprises. Data Centre colocation works as a shared arrangement, with several companies shouldering the costs of maintaining their infrastructure under a common roof. Shared costs automatically equal economies of scale. At the same time, businesses can profit from superlative equipment without having to incur any capital expenditure.

Uncompromised Security

Colocation can safeguard businesses against security breaches that can result in financial losses. Colocation facilities are armed with multiple layers of security that arrest any attacks or intrusions at the very outset.

Data Accessibility

Having data at your fingertips is imperative when navigating business decisions. A specialised data centre will uphold the integrity of your data under the right conditions: at the perfect temperature and underpinned by cutting-edge technology. Business owners can expect far faster, more reliable and more efficient data retrieval than if the data were stored in-house.

Quality Customer Support

Many Data Centre colocation providers create a customer support ring for every customer onboarded. This usually consists of remote services and solutions for cabling, troubleshooting, hard drive swaps and part replacement, saving companies the hassle of personally resolving the problem on site. An ongoing service collaboration can be invaluable to a company that is new in the infrastructure space, and allow them to focus their energies on driving their business.

Globally, small and medium business owners are gravitating towards colocation, in a bid to achieve premium data storage and security, and effective cash flow management. In particular, businesses with a significant web footprint looking to scale their digital foothold can benefit from colocation. The same goes for businesses burdened by an in-house IT setup.

At STT GDC India, our colocation services are considered a superlative paradigm in the Indian data centre realm. With 15 state-of-the-art facilities across 8 cities, and 85 MW IT load, our data centres are noted for their carrier-neutral and carrier-dense interconnections, and their remarkable load capability. Our portfolio is pointed at enhancing cost-effectiveness, scalability and security, hallmarks that give modern businesses a chance to thrive on a data-geared, level-playing field, no matter their size, worth or industry.