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image Decoding the Data Centre Boom

Sumit Mukhija, CEO STT GDC India, in conversation with ET Tech about how the Data Centre business is picking up pace in India.

image STT GDC India Opens 15th Data Centre Facility

Sumit Mukhija, in conversation with Economic Times about the launch of STT GDC India’s 15th Data Centre Facility STT GDC India

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Players playing footbal in FIFA World Cup
Say Hello to STT Bengaluru DC3

Bengaluru, the heartland of India’s IT Economy, contributes about $110 Billion to India’s GDP – that’s 4% of the country’s GDP right there. Moreover, it alone makes up for one-third of India’s total IT Exports and is the start-up hub of the country.

Players playing footbal in FIFA World Cup
Family Day Celebrations, 2019

STT GDC India’s extended family came together on a weekend this month to celebrate our annual “family day”. Hosted in regional offices and hotels around the country, the event drew roughly 400 employees, family and friends

Players playing footbal in FIFA World Cup
How Indian E-commerce Can Leverage Local Data Centres

The Indian e-commerce market is the fastest-growing e-commerce market in the world. An IBEF report in October 2018 pegged the market to hit the $200 Billion mark by 2026, growing from the $39 Billion mark in 2017.